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We would like to thank all our early partners for their support and enthusiasm during our initial launch period over the first three months.  SERPERE was the first AI driven technical crawler designed exclusively for large enterprises.

In development since November 2017, SERPERE was admitted to the OpenAI beta period in March 2021, and has since been leveraging the power of GPT, machine learning and big data to programmatically track all SEO factors affecting website performance.

Since soft-launching in May 2023, SERPERE has crawled over 865 million pages of client sites, delivered over 400 million words of content improvement, and billions of internal link improvement suggestions.

If your company does not have full time technical SEO resources, we can plug that gap with our Managed Instances service, where we provide both the software, analysis from our group of SEO engineers, and proactive ongoing work to ensure long term growth.

How SERPERE pricing works:

All SERPERE pricing is fully transparent.  We don’t require on-sales meetings to create a “custom package” intended to maximize our profit at your expense.

Accounts start at US$1,999 per month.  This includes every feature, unlimited.

The only difference between the packages is the managed aspect:  our larger package includes technical SEO analysis carried out by Martin MacDonald and his team of technical SEO specialists.  This includes monthly reporting, disaster recovery, reporting, pro-active solution advice and is intended to plug into an enterprises engineering or product staff, effectively replacing the need for an in-house specialist or team focused on technical SEO.

Launch Pricing:

Self Serve: Monthly
$1,999 / Month
Ideal for enterprise sites with an internal SEO team
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Keywords
Unlimited Crawl Rules
35 Hours Crawl Per Month
Unlimited AI Content Generation
Unlimited Rank Checks
Unlimited Keyword Research
Unlimited Internal Link Optimization
Managed Platform
$3,749 / Month
Ideal for enterprises without full time SEO staff
All the features of Self Service, plus:
Our team of SEOs Manage Your Audit Process
Crawling, analysis and ticket creation and validation
2 hours of monthly 1:1 SEO meetings (2 - 4 meetings)
8 hours of proactive SEO analysis per month
Monthly reporting
Managed crawling, up to 35 hours per month
Priority SEO support by email

What are the tool limits?

SEO tools limiting their usage to a certain number of pages or keywords, then charging for more usage has always seemed unfair to us.

That’s why we’ve decided to go a different route for now, and see how it goes:  SERPERE does not limit you or your tracked pages, keywords, rank tracking, AI usage, internal link suggestions, keyword research, or any other feature.

Each instance is attached to a single Google Search Console account, and once created cannot be changed.

We do have to charge for crawl time, which is the ONLY difference between these packages.

Crawl time is expensive, which is why other tool suites lock customers into multi thousand dollar per month contracts,  but we are the only tool to be completely transparent in the way we price our services.

Choose the package that best suits your companies needs, and in the event that you require more support or crawl capacity, this can be adjusted over time directly on the platform, making SERPERE the only “self service” enterprise grade SEO tool suite.

Additional Crawl Time & Analysis

If you want to crawl more pages, or more frequently, simply add additional crawl time.

This is priced in multiples of concurrent Chrome instances, per hour.  Usage is billed to the nearest minute, and is ONLY charged during the actual crawl itself.

The process for crawling through to using the data requires us to:

Crawl your site
Parse the data & execute rules
Rebuild all performance indexes
Rebuild all content indexes

For example, a medium sized enterprise site may take 15 or 20 hours of crawling, with a further 10 or 15 hours to process the data.
You do not pay for any of the data processing, JUST the crawler time as that is the primary expense.

You may book additional crawl capacity, and analysis hours here:


4 Chrome Instances
SERPERE Datacenter
$5 USD per hour


8 Chrome Instances
SERPERE Datacenter
$10 USD per hour


12 Chrome Instances
SERPERE Datacenter
$12 USD per hour

Credit for additional crawl time is available within the app, and can be purchased in any amount from $10.  Larger purchases may include further discount.  Monthly crawl budgets are reset on the first day of each month of membership, purchased credit remains on account for 2 years if unused.

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