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SERPERE discovers more technical SEO issues than any other crawler

our revolutionary, fully customizable rules engine, comes pre-loaded with 400+ technical SEO issues ready to identify on your site

SERPERE is the only crawler that explains clearly how to fix every issue on your site

by building a complex SEO dataset specific to your site, we can harness the power of GPT accurately with real data, to identify and resolve SEO issues

SERPERE automatically tracks performance to effortlessly report your progress

we automatically create reports when any issues are resolved, to report on clicks, impressions, ranking, number of keywords ranked.  Reporting is a breeze with SERPERE.

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What Makes SERPERE Unique:

Identify Any Page by Any Metric or Combination Imagineable

In the realm of SEO suites, crawl data forms the foundation, but it’s the rules engine where the true magic takes place.

Our quest for a SaaS crawler that offered complete rule customization and the ability to build our own bespoke rules proved to be a challenging one. We searched high and low, only to come up empty-handed.

But we didn’t let that stop us. We took matters into our own hands and created our own solution!

This is SERPERE, the answer to your rule customization dreams. With our innovative tool, you have the power to uncover pages that meet even the most specific criteria. Want to identify all pages with less than a certain amount of unique content, more than a certain number of internal links within content, and a stellar Lighthouse Score above 72? Consider it done.

Looking for pages with broken hfrelang tags and a notable number of Google impressions in the last 30 days? Just two lines of code will get you there.

The possibilities are endless. If you can imagine a rule, you can implement it effortlessly using our intuitive SERPERE rule editor. With over 1,000 unique data points available on a per URL basis, ranging from page speed to the total number of ranked keywords, you have all the tools you need to supercharge your SEO strategy.

AI: LLM & ML SEO Functionality

SERPERE, being part of the OpenAI beta since April 2021, stands out from other SEO tools by harnessing the full potential of new AI-based technologies. Our platform was purpose-built to integrate seamlessly with the latest AI tools, providing a unique advantage in the industry.

For the past two years, we have been tirelessly exploring numerous use cases and conducting thousands of experiments involving AI-generated or modified content. Whether it’s text generation, completion, or modifications, we utilize the cutting-edge power of the API-accessible GPT3.5 or ChatGPT, depending on the specific tool.

To ensure comprehensive keyword and topical research, we adopt a blended approach by leveraging multiple providers’ APIs. This allows us to gather valuable insights and deliver robust results.

Furthermore, our internal linking functionality takes advantage of machine learning techniques. By suggesting iterative updates to internal link architecture, we empower you to optimize your website’s linking structure for enhanced performance and user experience. Note that automation client-side is necessary to seamlessly integrate the link module JSON units we export.

With SERPERE, you have access to a state-of-the-art SEO tool that fully embraces the power of AI and machine learning.

Understand Financial Impact, Fast

At SERPERE, we understand the critical importance of reporting in showcasing the value of your SEO efforts. Without tangible evidence of success, securing budget or convincing clients becomes a challenging task.

That’s why we have made reporting an integral part of our platform. Every single action you take using SERPERE, whether it involves resolving technical issues identified during a crawl, enhancing content, or making changes to internal architecture, is meticulously tracked through our built-in reporting tools.

With our robust reporting capabilities, you have the ability to generate comprehensive reports that highlight key metrics for any date range you specify. From Clicks and Impressions to Value (calculated based on CPCs you define or our suggested values), Number of Keywords/Pages, and beyond, you can track and analyze a wide range of performance indicators.

We believe that transparency and clear communication are vital in demonstrating the impact of your SEO initiatives. Our reporting tools empower you to present compelling data-driven reports that showcase the value and effectiveness of your actions. Gain the confidence and support you need by providing concrete evidence of the results achieved through SERPERE.

Every Keyword. Every Page. Forever.

At SERPERE, we recognize the value of up-to-date and comprehensive data from Google Search Console. That’s why we provide daily updates for every piece of data available, ensuring that you have access to the most recent insights.

Every keyword and URL is saved and stored every 24 hours, starting from the moment you create your SERPERE account. This means that your GSC datastore grows continuously, building a rich repository of historical data over time.

With this extensive data at your fingertips, you can perform meaningful analyses and comparisons. Whether you need to conduct year-over-year comparisons or multi-year date range comparisons, our platform has you covered. As your data accumulates, you’ll be able to effortlessly explore trends and patterns spanning significant timeframes.

In fact, some of our longest-running instances have accumulated five years’ worth of client data, meticulously broken down by month. With just a simple click, you can instantly access this wealth of historical information, empowering you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

The Most Advanced Internal Search, Ever.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional keyword and page searches, because SERPERE offers an unparalleled level of flexibility and speed that will leave you astounded.

With our platform, you can effortlessly search through your keywords and pages with incredible ease and precision. The flexibility we provide is unmatched by any other tool on the market. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever struggled with complex REGEX queries in the past.

SERPERE empowers you to instantly search through millions of rows of data, allowing you to refine your searches, expand your criteria, search for combinations of keywords or pages, classify information, and much more. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Once you experience the power of our Search and Power Search features, you’ll wonder how you managed without them. Querying your data becomes a breeze, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can find the precise information you need.

Unlimited Keyword and URL Tags

Take your SEO analysis to the next level by harnessing the power of SERPERE’s Search and Power Search tools to uncover complex result sets and assign them meaningful tags.

With Page Tags, you can create dynamic groups based on various factors such as URL, performance metrics, internal links, technical SEO rules, content factors, and more. This allows you to organize and categorize your pages in a way that makes sense to your specific analysis needs.

Similarly, Keyword tags enable you to create groups based on keyword strings, performance metrics, query volumes, CPC (Cost Per Click), ranking, and other relevant criteria. By organizing keywords into meaningful clusters, you can gain deeper insights into keyword performance and identify opportunities for optimization.

But it doesn’t stop there. With both sets of tags in place, you can effortlessly generate performance reports over time. These reports provide a comprehensive analysis of your site’s SEO performance, allowing you to quickly and easily track progress, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Stay Organized with SERPERE Tickets

The Audit Tool within SERPERE offers a streamlined and efficient way to address issues identified through crawl data. You have the flexibility to create tickets based on the full list of URLs flagged by the crawler or manually generate custom tickets for specific pages you provide.

When you resolve a ticket that was surfaced by the crawler and the site has been recrawled, it is automatically flagged as resolved. To ensure the best results, we recommend performing weekly crawls or aligning the crawling schedule with your site’s release schedule.

Once a ticket has been marked as resolved, whether automatically or manually, you have the ability to generate pre/post performance reports. These reports allow you to precisely assess the impact of your SEO efforts on any metric we track. By providing concrete evidence of the outcomes achieved, these reports save you valuable time and effort in the reporting process.

Dont be the last to know your robots.txt changed

Stay updated on the latest changes to your key pages with SERPERE’s On-Page Changes Checker tool.

Get notifications every quarter hour for any alterations you choose to monitor, such as Robots.txt, HTML tag modifications, or structured markup changes. Configure checks, receive email notifications and stay on top of your website’s updates in real time. Let us know if you’re interested in browser notifications too!

Distribute PageRank & Anchor Text Efficiently

Optimize your internal linking strategy like never before with our groundbreaking Internal Link Optimizer. This innovative tool allows you to identify pages that can benefit from increased traffic by improving their link weight. But that’s not all—our optimizer goes beyond mere suggestions.

We not only recommend the best-matched pages for internal linking but also provide insights on the ideal anchor text distribution. This ensures that your internal links are strategically placed to maximize their impact on search rankings and user engagement.

What sets our Internal Link Optimizer apart is its advanced algorithm that continuously evaluates performance on a per-keyword basis. This algorithm takes into account various factors and inputs to suggest further modifications to your internal link graph. By leveraging your site’s overall strength, we help you optimize your internal linking structure to maximize your ranking potential.

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