SERPERE brings AI to Enterprise Technical SEO

Optimize every keyword on every page

677 technical SEO rules, automated JIRA tickets, integrated analytics, content optimization & keyword research from the first Product Team SEO Platform

Effortlessly embed Technical SEO into your product team

SERPERE is the answer to enterprise technical SEO

You cant leave Technical SEO to chance, we optimize architecture, crawl budgets for Product and on-page content and keyword research for your Marketing team 

We've Solved Enterprise SEO Challenges for 100+ Companies

what Does SERPERE do for you?

Site Architecture

We analyze your link structure and make science lead suggestions to optimize your internal PageRank flow

Improved Rankings

Our software determines the best keyword ranking opportunities on every page and suggests improvements

Increased Revenues

By harvesting PPC data we can optimize your SEO for improved revenue, conversions and your bottom line

Strategy Consultation

Work with our team of SEO strategists headed up by Martin MacDonald with over 20 years enterprise SEO experience

Speed and UX Performance

We track and provide optimization's for every single Core Web Vital ensuring your pages load fast and respond even faster

Accessibility Auditing

We track 100+ accessibility factors, ensuring your site meets all legal requirements and user needs

Martin MacDonald

Founder, CEO

Saurabh Gupta

Senior Software Engineer

World Class SEO & Dev Team

Our Team Becomes and Extension of Yours

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